Climbing the PADI ladder

As a PADI Dive Center we offer the full range of PADI diving courses, and understandably - sometimes it is a bit confusing to know exactly what every course consists of.  So lets go trough the courses, step by step to see what you can expect. 

For the young ones

Bubblemaker – Min age: 8 years, ½ day.
This course is an introduction to diving for the youngest members of the family. Together with an instructor we take your child in the pool, trying the equipment on and experiencing breathing underwater for the first time. Once your child feels comfortable enough we swim around the pool, play games and enjoy the experience. The family is of course more than welcome to jump in and observe. The games we play vary but usually we do an under water egg and spoon race, a treasure hunt and play underwater football!



Seal Team – Min age: 8 years., 3-4 days.
As a member of the Seal Team your child will do 10 different Aqua Missions.  Aqua Missions 1-5 consist of different equipment skills – for example, learning how to clear their regulator. Number 6 -10 are different missions such as Fish ID, navigation and photography.  This course usually takes place over a few days, and the more kids joining, the more fun there is to be had. The course includes a fantastic crewpack with a towel, log book with quizzes and puzzles all related to diving, some stickers and a small water toy. 

Not certified?

Discover Scuba Diving – Min.age: 10 years, ½ Day.
This course is your first experience with the underwater life. It is not a certification, but a taster of the underwater world, to get the feeling of what diving is all about. The DSD takes just half a day; the first part of the day is a short pool session – getting comfortable with the gear, learning how to swim underwater and do the first basics skills. Afterwards you will go together with your instructor into the ocean to a maximum of 12 meters, and see the beauty that’s below. If you enjoyed your experience and want to continue, no problem at all! The Discover Scuba Diving counts as the first dive towards your PADI open water course. 

Open Water Course – Min age: 10 years old, 3 days.
This is the course that will give you your PADI diving certification, allowing you to dive in the most spectacular destinations all over the world. You will do some parts theory, some parts pool sessions and 4 open water dives in total. You will learn to become a secure, independent diver and upon completion you will be able to dive to a depth of 18 meters. Two thirds of the world is covered in water, the PADI open water course is your ticket to exploring what most people miss out on. 

Scuba Diver – Min age: 10 years, 2 days.
The Scuba Diver Course is half of the Open Water Course and usually takes 2 days, so is perfect if you don’t have enough time, but still want to have the experience and come out with a certification. Your certification will allow you to go to a maximum of 12 meters together with a PADI professional. You will receive all of your paperwork too, making it simple to continue onto becoming a fully certified PADI open water diver. 

Continuing Education

Advanced Open Water Course –Min age: 12 years, 2-3 days.
This course consists of 5 adventure dives; two of them are core dives – the deep dive (taking you to 30 meters) and a navigation dive (where you learn a bit more about compass skills and how to naturally navigate through a dive site). The other three dives are up to you. What are you interested in? What excites you? There are lots to choose from including Nitrox, where you learn how to use a different mix alowing you to stay deeper for longer, Sidemount, giving you a new dimension to your dives with two tanks at your side (James Bond style!) Night dive, Wreck dive, and underwater digital photography. Once you are certified you are allowed to go to 30 meters, all over the world, for the rest of your diving career! Cool huh? On the Advanced Open Water course we focus more on expanding your diving skills, your experience and therefore your confidence. 

Adventure Diver –Min age: 12 years old, 1-2 days.
This is for you that don’t have time to complete the full Advanced course. This course is 3 dives of your choice, with no mandatory ones. You receive certifcates for each dive and a stamp and signature in your logbook. This measn that you can go off to another part of the world and another dive center and complete your PADI advanced open water. 

RescueDiver – Min age: 12 years, 4 days (including EFR course)
The Rescue Diver Course is the next step after the Advanced Open Water, and the next step into furthering your diving experience or career. To complete this course you need to finish 10 separate exercises to satisfaction, as well as 4 open water dives and two final scenarios. Many divers agree that this is one of the toughest courses, but that it is also the most fun and rewarding, and upon completion you will have the knowledge needed to act in any diving related emergency. The course opens you up to think outside the box and to expect the unexpected. You will be better equipped to deal with emergency situations for yourself and for others, meaning that you are a better buddy and an overall better diver. 

Go pro!

Divemaster Course – Min age: 18 years,  4-6 weeks, 40 dives to start.
The first step on the ladder towards becoming a PADI pro. During the Divemaster internship you become a part of the crew at the shop, gaining an understanding about how a dive center runs. Helping with equipment setup, assisting instructors on courses, practicing skills, learning how to tie knots, how to use liftbags, a slight bit of dive theory as well as gaining a wealth ofexperience with people form different cultures and backgrounds. We teach you how to become a diving professional. But don’t forget the best part – you will dive every day, usually ending your course on over 100 dives, exploring the reefs among the dive sites all around your chosen diving destination (Gili Trawangan obviously being a prime location!) and expanding your diving skills and knowledge.  

Upon completion you are able to work as a PADI Divemaster, guiding certified divers and assisting on courses as well as conducting the PADI Scuba Review. That's right, you can actually start to earn money doing something that you love and teaching your love and passion to other people. Not bad eh?!



Speciality courses; Age and time varies.
Another great way to increase your diving skills it to complete a PADI specialty course. Here are some of the courses that you can choose from to broaden your skills and knowledge and lead you on the right track to becoming a well rounded diver: 

* Enriched Air Nitrox - Learning how to dive with enriched air, allowing you to extend your bottom time.
* Deep - Certifying you to go to the maximum recreational dive limit - 40 meters. Opening the door on almost any dive site all over the world. More chance to see sharks and rays and all of the other cool stuff that hang out a bit deeper in the cooler water. 
* Sidemount - Changing your equipment slightly and having your air supply in two tanks dangling by your sides. Makes you look as cool as James Bond and will have amazing affects on your buoyancy, the PADI sidemount course gives you a new dimension and is also great for lots of different types of dives as well as extending your dive time because you have twice as much air!
* Fish ID -  Becoming an expert in the marine life, learning to spot the difference in fish, how they behave and where they hide. Making you an amzing dive buddy as you will be able to point out the coolest things on any dive.
* Search and Recovery - Learn all about search patterns, how to find small and large objects and how to use lift bags to bring the recovered objects back to the surface. 
* Dry suit diver - Some of the most beautiful places to dive in the world can be a tad chilly. No matter, complete the dry suit specialty and stay warm and cosy whilst on your dive!

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