Get your dose of Vitamin Sea!

So Scuba diving is fun, right? Ask any diver why they dive and they will usually answer with "it's fun, I love it!" But for most people, without them even realising, it goes deeper than a bit of fun. Scuba diving is actually good for your health, and for many different reasons. So now when people ask why you take part in such a hobby you can tell them that it is actually good for you!

The healing effects of water

Water; being in it, swimming through it, floating on it, watching fish in an aquarium, even watery shows on the TV, it relaxes the mind and eases the stresses of everyday life. Just watching marine life in their natural environment has been shown to relax the mind, so imagine how relaxed you'll feel actually being a part of the watery world. Divers can't get enough of being able to unwind from the pressures of day to day life and be a part of a world submerged in water. 
The feeling of weightlessness can also have a positive effect on the mind. Flotation therapy was developed from research by John Lilly when he looked into sensory deprivation of the human brain and mind. It was a way of placing the body into a state of total relaxation. Floating and being weightless allows the mind and body to rejuvenate and in turn eases stress, anxiety, pain and insomnia. Scuba diving has a very similar effect, gliding along 10m below the oceans surface, with no sounds or things to distract you, you are cocooned in a briny safe haven.
Some divers also explain going into a meditative state. The sound of nothing but your own breathing is extremely relaxing and can put one in a state of relaxation and calm. Marine life can also have this effect on divers. The amazement of underwater creatures going about their day to day life while you look on can be pretty mesmerizing!

Improving physical health


Divers have to be strong enough to support their equipment out of the water as well as in it. Weight bearing is fantastic for strengthening your core and improving your bone mass. This is good for when you get a bit older, those who have lifted weights, such as scuba tanks, tend to have better posture and bone structure in their older years. Water resistance has always been a great method for improving fitness. Being completely supported by the surrounding water means that there is no pressure on your joints and you use muscles that you would not usually use day to day on dry land. Frog kicking and straight leg kicking use all muscles from the top of the hip right the way down the whole leg, keeping everything strong and toned, great for those bum muscles! An hours worth of scuba diving can burn up to 500 calories! You also get to watch turtles gliding past you rather than sweaty people on a running machine. I know which I would prefer!  

Make some friends!

Scuba diving is not as much fun if you can't point out at all the great stuff you see for your friends. It's a team sport. An amazing way to meet people, going on scuba diving trips means that you get to buddy up with someone with a common interest and share some amazing experiences together. Scuba divers are fun people to be around and have usually traveled all over and will have some amazing and inspiring stories to share with you. You can gain some great ideas for your next trips and also gain some friends for life, as well as contacts all over the world to visit again in the future!
Scuba diving also teaches you how to look out for others as well as yourself. The buddy system means that you are always with someone, right from when you start getting your kit together. You are part of a community and you all look out for each other during the whole diving process. Getting to know people over a shared interest helps you to make some strong bonds and some great friendships!




Scuba diving is world wide. With so many beautiful places to visit your holidays will be taken over by where the best places are for diving. Unless you already live in an exotic location, you are most likely going to have to travel to enjoy this sport. The most popular dive spots tend to be drenched in sunshine with warm climates. Sunshine has fantastic healing qualities, increasing your vitamin D as well as your tan! An increase of vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium better, leading to stronger, healthier bones. Sunshine also increases our endorphin levels, making us all round happier people!
Vacations also allow us to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Leaving your job and worries behind and enjoying a holiday once in a while gives you an escape and allows you to switch off and relax. 

Marine life encounters


Interaction with animals in the underwater world is awe inspiring and something that divers will always talk about when you ask them about their favorite dives. Being up close and personal with creatures that you would normally only see in books creates an immense feeling of well being. They are so relaxed and welcoming that you feel part of their world for the short time that you are underwater with them. 
You will also become more sensitized to marine creatures and become more aware of the harm that our actions can cause. Choosing encounter marine life in their natural habitat also helps to prevent captivity, a small drop in a vast pool, but every little helps! Feel at peace when swimming alongside a pod of dolphins and feel mesmerized by the fact that they wouldn't be there if they didn't want to be. 

Make the most of the world

Water covers 70% of the Earth's surface. For those of you who want to travel and see the world, you are only scratching the surface if you don't dive. It's like picking up a book and only reading the first page. Learn to dive! You get to leave the reality of the other 30% that all regular people are a part of everyday and submerge yourself in a whole new world with new species rarely discovered by most people. 
Scuba diving opens the door on a whole new lot of experiences, and it is ongoing. There are so many different courses and things to learn about and once you walk through that door, you will never regret it!

What more reason do you need?! Book a couple of weeks off of work, arrange a flight and learn to dive today!