8 Tips to any new Diver from a PADI instructor part 2

1. Try different conditions
Learning how to dive is usually challenging enough, But once you've earned that certification - it's time to start pushing your comfort level (within reason of course). If you have only diving in warm waters, try cold water diving! Never been diving in currents? Go to a place with proper drift! Only been diving in wetsuit, put a dry suit on and jump in. Basically, try something you're not used to, and you will surely see yourself improving in the water fast!


2. Respect your limits
Diving is all fun and games, granted that you realize your limitations. Never go deeper than you are trained to go, do not stay longer than your air or No Decompression Limit allows. The worst predicament you can ever find yourself in is getting caught in a situation that you are not trained nor having experience with. False sense of security can also be an issue, if you do not know the potential hazards of the dive you are doing, you will surely be ill equipped to handle any situation that might occur. So the best way to go diving is a safe way!

3. Take more courses
The Open Water Course is an amazing training that will give you your certification to independently go diving with a buddy! But the course is only scratching the surface on what you know, can learn and get better at. So continue your training, take the Advanced Open Water Course, try night diving, try Nitrox diving, try sidemount! These different kinds of dives will give you a chance for you to find out what kind of diving you like, and how you can become a better diver.  

4. Just keep swimming!
And the end of the day, the only way to get better - is to just do it! Practice makes perfect, so the more you dive, the better you will become. If possible, try and dive regularly and if you've been out of the water for a long time - take a refresher course, trust me you will not regret that decision.