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Brand new dive site - The Glen Nusa!

Our new wreck is here meaning that we have a brand new dive site to explore! Ok, so there's not much life growing on it yet as it has only been submerged for one week, but it does have the potential for some great wreck dives, adventure dives, advanced courses and wreck specialty. Come and check it out with us at Dive Central Gili!

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Going pro? What to think about before signing up!

Are you thinking about signing up for your divemaster course? In this blog we have a look at what you should consider,what you can expect, and how you can prepare in order the get the most out of your experience. Warning: You will want to become a PADI divemaster after reading this blog!

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Why you should dive with a GIDA member on the Gilis

Gili Island Diver's Association ensures that customers receive a high standard service from all dive centers on the Gili Islands. Minimum prices are fixed which alleviates hard competition and allows the customer to choose where they would like to dive rather than go to the cheapest place available. Dive Central Gili a proud member of GIDA!

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