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Animal of the Month - The Ornate Ghostpipefish

Have you been lucky enough to see an Ornate Ghostpipefish? Masters of disguise, it may be the reason why. Animal of the Month explains how to hunt them down. Dive Central Gili has the guides to get the perfect picture! 

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Animal of the Month - The beautifully odd Rhinopias

The beautifully odd Rhinopias are definitely one to spot whilst on a dive. Photogenic, lazy and one of the most interesting faces of the fish world, these guys are high on our list of things to spot around the Gili islands. 

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7 Tips to improve your underwater photos

Have you just invested in a new camera with an underwater housing hoping that your photos will be as good as the ones you see on the internet, but when you look at your photos they just seem blue and blurry with no depth? Learning to capture good underwater photos is an art in itself, but here are a few tips that you can use to improve your skills!

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