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Me Vs Sidemount - why I keep taking courses (as an Instructor)

Me vs Sidemount. Read about Richas first experience diving with equipment thats basically as heavy and big as she is. Nothing can stop us, as long as the passion for learning is there - we can go further!

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The great Indonesian Throughflow

Worried about currents whilst diving? Don't stress! Currents are fun, and some of your best dives will be in a current because you see so much more life. This blog explains a little bit about currents, why we have them here in the waters around the Gili Islands and what types of currents you might find. A little experience and knowledge goes along way, so don't let a current freak you out. Embrace it for what could be the best dives of your life! 

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10 things to do in Gili Trawangan!

10 things to do on the Gili islands give you an insight into some of the fantastic things not to be missed during your travels to Indonesia. The Gilis are diverse, fun, stunningly beautiful and a little gem off the northwest coast of Lombok. Take some time out from Bali and come and visit a paradise that you'll never forget!

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