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Bio Rocks Rock!

An amazingly innovative and successful project came to the Gili islands in 2005 when island eco warrior Delphine Robb set up the Bio ROck project with the help of local fishermen and a large number of dive shops on the island. Now the second largest in the world, the Bio Rock project is successfully helping to regenerate damaged coral and deteriorating numbers of marine species. Here we look at how they work and how much of a success they have been for the islands.

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Brand new dive site - The Glen Nusa!

Our new wreck is here meaning that we have a brand new dive site to explore! Ok, so there's not much life growing on it yet as it has only been submerged for one week, but it does have the potential for some great wreck dives, adventure dives, advanced courses and wreck specialty. Come and check it out with us at Dive Central Gili!

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