Spend more time with an instructor to learn everything they’ve every learnt about diving! Learn how to safely go deeper, stay longer, know what you’re looking at and learn how to navigate properly to find that awesome wreck or the cool coral bommie covered in macro life.

By booking your PADI continuing education course via the internet, either by the Book Now button at each course description, or by sending us an email and paying a deposit, you will receive a free fun dive upon arrival.


Advanced Open Water Diver

2 Days - 4,500,000 IDR

The most common next step after completing the Open Water Course is the Advanced Open Water Course. Throughout this course you will spend more time with an instructor to learn more skills and gain more knowledge in specific areas. To complete the course you will make 5 Adventure dives focusing on 5 different skill sets and environments. Each of these Adventure dives is the first dive from that specific Specialty Course (see below for more information on these courses).

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be certified to make dives to 30 meters, have greater confidence in planning and executing your own dive profiles, and have a better understanding of the marine environment.

There are 2 compulsory Adventure dives – Deep Dive and Underwater Navigation. You, and your group, then choose 3 optional Adventure dives in topics that appeal to you most (see below for more information on these courses). The choices are Drift Diver, Dive Against Debris, Enriched Air Dive, Fish Identification, Multi-level Dive, Night Dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Digital Photography, Underwater Naturalist.


Adventure Diver

1 Day - 3,400,000 IDR

Not enough time for a full Advanced Open Water Course? You can take the Adventure Diver limited certification course and still enjoy the benefits of improving your personal diving skills.

This course is a half-way stop between the Open Water Course and the Advanced Course. You will complete 3 Adventure dives, with 1 compulsory and 2 choice dives. The compulsory dive is the Deep Adventure Dive. The 2 remaining dives can be chosen from Drift Diver, Dive Against Debris, Enriched Air Dive, Fish Identification, Multi-level Dive, Night Dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Digital Photography, Underwater Naturalist.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be certified to make dives to 30 metres, have greater confidence in planning and executing your own dive profiles, and have a better understanding of the marine environment.

Specialty Courses

Is there a particular type of diving that appeals to you? Do you want to hone your skills in a specific area? Take a specialty course and get better at what you love! Learn from an Instructor who also shares your passion and will want to share amazing stories and experiences with you.

Specialty courses are designed to train you for specific conditions or skills under the expert guidance of an instructor. They allow you to focus on a particular area of diving which appeals to you most. Here at Dive Central Gili we offer the following Speciality courses:


AWARE Coral Reef Conservation

1 dive - 1,700,000 IDR

Developed in association with Ocean Watch, the course describes how coral reefs function and why they are so important. It tells students why many reefs are in serious trouble and what individuals can do to prevent further decline. This course teaches you how to have proper interaction whilst touring a reef.


AWARE Fish Identification

2 dives - 2,800,000 IDR

This course is designed to introduce divers to the most common species and families of fish found in temperate and tropical waters. Divers learn basic fish identification and scientific survey techniques.


Deep Diver

4 dives - 4,100,000 IDR

Deep diving opens up more dive sites to you such as deeper wrecks, reefs and walls. As you dive deeper, you will use air more quickly and so dives will be shorter in time than at shallower depths. For this reason, you need to make dive objectives and accomplishments.

The philosophy of this course is to focus on making smart decisions for a stress free deep diving experience, with an emphasis on safety. You will learn about deep diving equipment and the systematical approach required to enjoy diving safely.


Digital Underwater Photography

1 or 2 dives - 2,800,000 IDR

This is a 2 part introduction (level 1 and Level 2) focusing on point and shoot cameras. This course will help you to develop the knowledge, skills and practical techniques necessary to take excellent photographs.


Drift Diver

2 dives - 2,800,000 IDR

All dives offered in the Gili islands are ‘drift dives’. This course is especially suited to areas with mild to strong current with long reefs. The strength of the currents sometimes make it hard to swim against the current for anything more than a short distance. This course will teach you how to make effortless dives, staying together as a group and entering and exiting the water at appropriate places.


Dive Against Debris

1 dive - 1,700,000 IDR

This course aims to equip students with the skills required to conduct Dive Against Debris surveys, including the removal of marine debris underwater, and reporting the data on line. Dive Again Debris surveys are essential to help drive change and inform policy.


Enriched Air Diver

2 dives - 2,800,000 IDR

This course is designed to qualify recreational divers to use Enriched Air (Nitrox) for no-stop recreational dives with an enriched air (EANx) compatible computer. In this course you will learn about the benefits and drawbacks of using enriched air between 22% and 40%. You will learn how to plan a dive and then execute that plan.


Night Diver

3 dives - 3,300,000 IDR

Marine life looks and acts differently at night to its appearance and behaviour during the day. This course will teach you how to dive safely at night, whilst not disturbing this delicate marine life. You will learn about the necessary equipment required and how to maintain it, evaluating dive conditions, night time underwater navigation techniques and hot to interact with the aquatic environment in a passive way. You will notice fish that swim away during the day stay closer to you at night, and animals that hide during the day are often free-swimming at night. Most impressively you will experience ‘fairy dust’ when you turn your lights out when your instructor tells you to do so. Intrigued? – ask your instructor what this means!


Peak Performance Buoyancy

2 dives - 2,500,000 IDR

This course is designed to polish your buoyancy control beyond the level of the Open Water Diver. You will spend both open water dives focusing on breathing techniques, movement underwater, weight management, streamlining and vizualisation techniques. Your instructor will show you skills that you can practice on your own after the course and you can perfect until you feel completely comfortable underwater in a range of environments and you can control precisely where you are in the water.


Underwater Naturalist

2 dives - 2,500,000 IDR

You will learn basic organism groupings and identification. The focus of the course is on demonstrating responsible interactions with the living environment. The philosophy is to look at planning, organisation, procedures, techniques and problems of diving in different aquatic environments.


Underwater Navigator

3 dives - 3,300,000 IDR

During this course your instructor will show you how to navigate using both natural navigation techniques and with the aid of a compass. You will learn how to use environmental clues, how to accurately use a compass, which patterns are useful to navigation and how to interact responsibly with the aquatic environment whilst navigating.


AWARE Shark Conservation

2 dives - 2,500,000 IDR

Sharks are crucial to marine ecosystems. They maintain a balance in populations of prey species and keep the ocean healthy by removing ill or diseased animals. They are an important resource supporting local economies through fishing and as an attraction to dive tourists. The goals of the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver course are to inform you of the value of sharks to marine ecosystems and economies, to educate them about the causes of declining shark populations, to build an understanding of what is missing in current shark fisheries management, to dispel misperceptions that may block them from taking action, and to inspire them to help sharks by taking action.

Emergency First Response

1/2 Day - 2,000,000 IDR

Are you worried that you wouldn’t know what to do if somebody you loved felt ill, or suddenly collapsed? Our Emergency First Response Instructors will teach you a range of skills to deal with a variety of situations, from diving to your everyday life. You will learn how to perform CPR, how to bandage different body parts, how to control emergency situations and deal with casualties.


Rescue Diver

3-4 Days - 5,500,000 IDR

Now you have done your Advanced Open Water course and you can dive deeper, it makes sense to know how to react to an emergency or how to help others in need. The Rescue Diver Course is often said to be one of the most fun and rewarding courses you can take as a diver. Instructors love to teach it, Divemaster trainees love to assist on it and students love to learn techniques that will help with their normal diving as well as emergency situations.

Upon successful completion of this course you will have a much greater confidence in your own diving abilities and the capability to recognise emergency situations before they arise and deal with them appropriately. 


5+ Weeks - 14,000,000 IDR (Crewpack not included)

Love diving? Want to spend more time under the water? Want to share your love of diving with others? Want to feel the joy of getting a ‘PADI Pro Number’? As a dive master you can lead certified divers on fun dives and show them the amazing things to see under water. You are closer in level to students than the instructor and so when assisting on courses students often ask more questions to the DM than the Instructor- you will be their best friend for 3 days, and maybe for life!

On the Divemaster Course you will learn how to assist an instructor on a full range of courses, how to give a dive briefing, how to guide certified divers on fun dives, how to assist with the everyday tasks of a dive centre such as filling tanks in the compressor room and how to sell equipment and courses, plus a range of other skills. An instructor will be your mentor and guide you through the full course, giving theory lectures and workshops to help with your practical learning.

Upon successful completion of the course you will be certified to work as a PADI Professional within dive centres all over the world.