10 things to do on Gili Trawangan - above the surface!

Now we all know that Gili Trawangan is famous for it’s stunning turquoise waters, pristine white-sand beaches and laidback island-lifestyle. The island draws big numbers of travellers and of course scuba divers, for obvious reasons! Unfortunately, we cannot spend all our time underwater. Therefore, we thought we’d give you some recommendations on what to do when you have a long surface interval!


1. Go for a Sunset

A sunset never disappoints! Go to the south side of the island, just follow the main road until you find Pink Coco. You cannot miss it, it’s is very pink!

Anywhere there or further up the road you will find loads of places where you can enjoy nice drinks and tasty snacks. As soon as you sit down just enjoy the view of Bali’s mount Agung in front of you.

Start heading over by 17:00 so you can secure the best spot! Don’t be in a rush and leave after the sun has disappeared. If you’re lucky the sun will paint the sky in all shades of orange and pink for you and your Instagram.


2. Pose for a picture on ‘The Swing’

If you went to Gili T and you didn’t take a picture of you on the swing, did you even really go? A mandatory stop on the Instagram-trail whilst on Gili Trawangan. There a many swings to be found in the shallow waters just of the beaches anywhere on the West side of the island. Pose like you mean it, girl!


3. Open Air Cinema

If you’re looking to do something in the evening before you jump into party-life, perhaps watching a movie on the beach is the activity for you! There is a couple of options to choose from, just to name a few:


4.  Get active!


For those of you that don’t fancy lying on the beach all day there is a huge variety of active alternatives. Think about water based stuff like: Stand Up Paddleboarding, kayaking, surfing or parasailing. Want to burn a few of these holiday calories? Head to Gili Fit for some classes or working out in their gym. Have a hit of badminton or tennis. Find some locals to play a game of futsal or volleyball on the beach. Saddle up at one of the studs and take a trot along the shores on the South side. Looking for some Zen? Try a yoga class (maybe even on a paddleboard?)

5. Explore the island by yourself

Jump on a bike and go around in 1,5 / 2 hours (depending on your speed and amount of pitstops along the way) But don’t limit yourself to just the perimeter of the island, bike inland! See the villages and discover the local flora & fauna like goats, chickens, roosters, cows, gecko’s and many many many cats. The best views are to found on ‘The Hill’: With a relatively easy trail through forested terrain, you will find some ‘treasures’ during the short, 15 to 20 minute hike up, with the prize of a bird’s eye view over the surrounding azure waters of the island and the silhouette of the Rinjani mountain range on the main island of Lombok.


6. Get your hands dirty - Clean the beach

Give back something to the earth and oceans that we love so much and join the amazing people of the Gili Eco Trust. Every Friday the clean up is hosted by a different venue and you are more than welcome to join!  The eco-warriors will bring all the collected rubbish back to the venue for sorting and recycling and here you can collect you awards of a free beer and good karma. Remember, many hands make light work!


Check out the schedule for the beach clean here 

7. Play a game of Gili Golf

Tucked away in the North East is a full 18-hole minigolf course. Not your typical holiday activity! Take your friends, grab a beer and start of the evening a little different.



8. Getting Jiggy with it on the Party Boat

A good way to meet some travelling friends is making your way to Jiggy’s Bar and booking yourself in for one of their infamous party cruises! Running on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 2:00 till 5:00pm, make sure you bring your shades and sunscreen!

9. Cook your heart out in Indonesian Cooking Class

A fun evening where you’ll learn some tasty skills. Some traditional Indonesian cooking skills will be demonstrated and practiced so you can make yourself some local treats back home. Who doesn’t like Sate Ayam, Nasi Campur, Beef Rendang or Gado-Gado? You’ll find the Sweet & Spicy cooking school in front of Egoiste Restaurant.


10. A massage is a luxury you cannot afford to miss!


After all of these immensely tiring activities you sure need to treat yourself to a massage! There are many many places to go to get yourself massaged, pedicured, manicured and what not. Relax, there’s nothing Azure Spa (the no. 1 spa on the island) cannot fix :)

Now as we encourage you to spend some dry time on land, obviously our favourite activity of them all is blowing bubbles under the sea. Come join us in the shop and grab a map of the island for any questions or directions. Happy Holiday!