Our very first PADI open water student!

This month's blog has been written by our very first student from when we opened for business at Dive Central Gili. Jennifer Johnston was not the keenest of divers, but after a little nudge from her friend Emmie she was soon enjoying the underwater world. 

Here is her account of her PADI Open Water Course.

Diving was never top of my agenda, I've always been quite content with just snorkelling, but while travelling through Asia I lost count of the amount of people that told me it was a must while in the Gili's; so I decided to give it a go. 


My friend and I went along to Dive Central Gili and were immediately welcomed by a warm and enthusiastic team. I was quite nervous and when we first practiced with the equipment in a pool I felt claustrophobic and slightly panicky, but our first dive in the sea was a different story. 

The team at Dive Central were reassuring and made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. After taking a few breaths and descending, I was immediately transported to a surreal and calming environment. With distorted sound, a slightly different vision on colours, a magnified view and gliding along the sea bed, it was like nothing I had experienced before. 


On our first couple of dives we saw huge turtles, pufferfish, octopus, eels, lionfish and even reef shark, which is more than I could have imagined. Being underwater was like being in a huge playground, the freedom, huge open space and being 'weightless' meant having so much fun was absolutely effortless and I definitely even had a few moments of euphoria. 


As the current was drifting me along, I was discovering something I had no idea even existed every few minutes. As soon as I came out of the water I was craving more. What I love most is that the possibilities are absolutely endless, there is always more to be seen and discovered, which makes it so exciting. 

I can't thank the guys at Dive Central enough for their enthusiasm and encouragement. After completing my open water course, I even went on to do my advanced course, while I had the opportunity, as I wouldn't of wanted to do it with any other dive school. 


Diving has certainly opened up a new world of opportunities, and a door in my mind that won't ever be closed.

Jennifer Johnston

PADI Open Water student November 2014 @ Dive Central Gili

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