6 Gift ideas for your Scuba mad mates!


With Christmas fast approaching, a lot of you who have that scuba mad family member or friend may be wondering what to buy them. Fear not, we have some great ideas for stocking fillers guaranteed to make their Christmas morning! 

  1. Gear ID tags
    On a busy dive boat full of divers and lots of kit, it is easy for diver's things to get mixed up with everyone elses. Having clear ID tags on all of their precious items helps them to relax a bit more in between dives. Many divers tend to have similar if not the same equipment, so having stuff marked up is a fantastic way to claim what is theirs! 
  2. Spring Straps
    Most divers know what a struggle it is to get fins on and off, before and after a dive. It is a blessing to have someone help you to do this, but then you also feel useless! Especially when you are diving in a dry suit or off of a boat, struggling to get fins on/off is a regular problem. Spring straps will change their life! They will be able to whip their fins on and off in a flash, no matter what exposure suit or how many weights they have on. They will love you forever and will think of you each time they swiftly remove or replace their fins!

3. GoPro Gadgets
More often than not, divers want to capture every minute of their underwater adventures. Now, most of us will have a GoPro and will want to bore our ever suffering friends with endless footage of clown fish and coral. GoPro gadgets will make you their new best friend! Anything will do to be honest! A floating handle is great or why not get them a dry protective case for them to transport their beloved GoPro in. You can even get a GoPro mask now that will capture every minute of their underwater adventure. Dive Central Gili has a range of GoPro gadgets (if you are on the island that is!) if not check out http://www.cnet.com/pictures/best-gopro-accessories-pictures/

4. Thermos Flask
Divers love coffee!! Or tea even. A nice brew before and after (during if they could!) makes the dive. A flask will be the highlight of their day, allowing them to get that much needed caffeine fix to get them started after an early start (quite often for divers) and also warm them up after the dive. Make sure it has a good id as stuff often gets chucked around in their bags. Also make sure it is nicely insulated, keeping their brew warmer for longer. Check out these cool designs at

5. Portable chargers
Be it a phone, camera, or some other gadget, divers will always run out of oomph whilst out on a dive trip. A portable charger will save their day whether it be for transferring that magnificent picture they just took to their fellow divers, googling a dive site to see what is best to see, or making a cal home to tell you that they survived another dive and that they saw some amazing stuff! 


6. Sunglasses
Now you don't have to spend a fortune. However, polarised glasses are a must for divers. Numerous sunny diving destinations make for a very squinty time if they do not have the right eye wear. The pair you choose should be quite hardy too, as diving is a sport after all and the glasses may get thrown around in a dive bag or left about on a dive boat. Don't forget to include a nice case too!


To be fair, scuba divers are a pretty cool breed and they will be happy with whatever you decide to treat them with (even better if it is a trip to the Galapagos, ha!) Happy shopping guys!