Come diving with us on the Biorocks!

Dive Central Gili is the luckiest dive shop on all of Gili Trawangan. Why is that you ask? Well we have the best divesite right outside our doorstep!

*The Biorocks* is an artificial reef structure, designed to stimulate the growth of coral. By placing metal sculptures in a sandy area, and applying little coral polyps with cable ties, we let the coral attach itself to the structures, followed with a continuous stream of low voltage electricity pushing through the metal - allowing the coral to grow between 3-5 times faster than normally. Because there is so much iron displaced in the water by the Biorocks (much like a wreck) loads of different species of marine animals get attracted to the area and decide to make it their home. The first of the Gili Islands Biorocks was placed in the water 2004, and since more and more are being constructed, for reef restoration and for scientific research. Being the second largest Biorock project in the world, students and researchers come from all over the world to see observe the growing reef. 


There are roughly 120 individual Biorocks displaced around the three Gili Islands, with the majority running along the east coast of Gili Trawangan. The reef area outside of Dive Central Gili is an ideal environment for the Biorocks to flourish, as the currents are usually flowing through the structures, rather than pushing against. Each Biorock is carefully shaped in to a specific structure to make it easier for us divers to navigate through the dive site. "I went diving on the manta" simply refers to the Biorock, shaped in the form of a manta!

So what can we see on this divesite? Except the big things like turtles, pufferfish and the occasional white tip reef shark, the Biorocks are amazing for spotting good macro. We've seen anything from ornate ghost pipefish, flamboyant cuttlefish and painted frogfish to bobtail squids and flabellina nudiebranch.  


Another incredible thing about the Biorocks is that if acts as a nursery for loads of juvenile marine animals, so if you're looking for some baby fish - this is the place to go! Juvenile boxfish, batfish and sweetlips love to play around and take shelter on the metal bars, making it a bit more difficult for any triggerfish to catch them.  This dive site suits any kind of diver, from beginner to advanced, day dive or night dive, deep or shallow. The Biorocks never stops amazing us, even after over 100 logged dives on this site. 

So join us for a dive on our absolute favorite dive site, literally just a walk out from the beach! 

Recomended Depth: 5-20m
Dive time: Aprox. 45 min
Avergage Current: Small
Avergage visibility - 15 - 25m