Simon Liddard, Owner

Born in England but living in Indonesia for the past 25 years, I have been an active scuba dive instructor since 1986, an active technical instructor since 1992 and in 1998 I began specializing in Close Circuit Rebreather training. I am an IANTD Instructor Trainer at Trimix level- both open circuit and CCR, a member of the IANTD Board of Advisors, a TDI Trimix Instructor Trainer, a PADI course director and DSAT Trimix Instructor Trainer. Currently I am the only IART JJ-CCR level III Trimix Instructor in Indonesia. I have thousands of logged dives in Indonesia and over 150 logged Trimix CCR dives beyond 100m, including the first ever solo deep Trimix rebreather dive to a depth of 150m in 2002. I have the luxury of teaching deep technical and CCR trimix for my personal enjoyment and not for income.



Steve Willard, AKA Scuba Steve, General Manager

Also born in England but now living in Indonesia for 6 years, I first arrived on the island to complete my Divemaster course and before I knew it I had worked 4 years for Blue Marlin Dive, Gili Trawangan. I manged to become the highest certifying instructor in Indonesia 2013 and second highest 2014. Certified more than 40 Divemasters in that time and also constructed a Divemaster schedule to account for 18 at one time. 

The reasons for me becoming an instructor, is I love the feeling of being underwater, plus ever since I can remember being able to stay with the wildlife for hours at a time, is still a dream! This is the main reason I wanted to dive, to see the fish close and personal.The decision to become an instructor was down to my need of showing people the underwater first hand. There's nothing better than taking a new diver scuba diving and seeing the reaction you get from them. Over time this has become more on a level of understanding how best to get people over their fears for the water, and turn it into a passion.

Some of my most memorable students I tough over these years have been the most scared of the open Ocean, but have been the most determine to conquer it for the passion for it. These few people are what still keep me buzzing for the next dive experience!

Another and newer inspiration has come from teaching Divemasters. This is due to seeing some of the most insecure and unsure divers become skilled, vibrant and professional divers. I've even been lucky enough to have some of my protégés work along side me. 

hanging out with green turtles


Victor Cheronet, Instructor

My name is Victor, I'm a 24 years old Frenchman. I arrived at Gili Trawangan on the 4th february 2015, planning on staying for only 2 nights.

As I'm writing this we are the 17th of April 2017, surprisingly I'm writing from Dive Central Gili office. I would have never bet 2 years ago that I would still be on this sandy patch in the middle of Indonesia and loving it that much.
I came here as an advanced open water diver like a lot of people before me and I loved it so much that I became an instructor and start working to stay around. I went straight to Dive Central Gili and I guess it was a good shot because 2 years later I'm still working there. I have been teaching with passion for the last 2 years and carry on with the exact same enthousiasm every day.

I'm very oriented in technical diving as well, depths, decompression dive, knowledge about diving models, all of that is what I'm trying to turn myself into for the future. My goal is to become a Technical Dive Instructor and go on exploring the unknown to find new potential dive sites.

Roos Michels, Instructor

Starting diving 5 years ago on the beautiful Great Barrier Reef I realized that diving would be a nice way to explore more of our planet. I fell in love with the feeling of being weightless, seeing all the weird and wonderful creatures and all the other things this wonderful sport has to offer. Took my advanced course the next month in Koh Tao, saw a whale shark and that is until this day one of the most memorable encounters underwater.

I took way too long to go diving again, you know, moving houses, new jobs, empty bank accounts, life happened. After a corporate job in sales back in Holland I felt the urge to go exploring again and that is when I decided to quit the job, buy a ticket and jump on the plane to Indonesia to do my Divemaster Course and see from there.

A couple of weeks into this amazing course I already knew I was not ready to leave this island and was inspired by my mentor and instructors here to set a new goal: becoming an Instructor. I was lucky to do my course and stay at Dive Central to start taking my own students under my wing. Calling Gili’s awesome dive sites my office and sharing the passion for the ocean and it’s amazing inhabitants put’s a smile on my face everyday.



Amanda Coster, Instructor

I ended up in Gili Trawangan and Dive Central Gili by accident; it was one of those decisions that you afterwards have a hard time explaining. All I know is that one morning I walked in without any kind of diving experience and I never walked out. I did all of my diving courses from intro level to Divemaster with Dive Central Gili and after I became an instructor I knew there was only one place for me to work.
Learning to dive and being introduced to the ocean changed my life forever, in the future I hope to be able to combine my past legal studies with my passion by working with conservation of sharks and rays internationally.

I remember the feeling of the first time I put my head under water and I knew I found something incomparable to anything I ever experienced before. The utter silence of the ocean, the perfect sync of the buzzing life around the reef and the
complete feeling of freedom left me stunned, I was where I belonged, I was home.
It’s been nearly two years since I drew my first breath under the surface in the same pool I now have the everyday privilege of teaching new divers. Its exhilarating to see them challenge themselves and discover something they never knew existed, knowing that I get to be the one introducing them to the magic of the world below the waves.
The reason I love my job is simple: Those mornings when you wake up and you would rather stay in bed, I just have to think to myself; “All I have to do today is to go diving” and then it’s not so bad anymore.