PADI Open Water Course: Come and change your life today!


PADI Open Water Course: Come and change your life today!

Numerous holidays, several destinations and the constant risk of sunburn. Have you ever holidayed in a beautiful, tropical destination and thought there must be more to see and do? Why not add something more to your getaways by becoming a certified PADI open water diver? It’s an adventure and will open up a whole lot of new opportunities for your holidays.


Imagine the feeling of weightlessness as you glide over spectacularly colorful corals and marine life. The feeling of air bubbles tickling your cheeks as you breathe underwater. Many people may feel slightly intimidated as they begin their journey into the unknown but as soon as you see what lies beneath the surface it is not long before you start to feel comfortable and relaxed.

The course is fun and gives you the chance to work with others as you learn about the buddy system. The course will build your confidence and you are sure to meet some great people with common interests.

The open water course has three main sections:

1.       Knowledge development, in the form of home study, in a classroom or online, to help you understand the basic principles of diving.
2.       Confined water dives (in a swimming pool for example) to learn basic scuba skills
3.       Open water dives, in the ocean or other body of water, to review skills and explore

PADI is the most recognized diving organization in the world, so wherever you are you will be sure to find a PADI center that can take you on an adventure.

If you still need some convincing then here is one of our student’s accounts of the course. A student who was quite reluctant to take part at first!

Shaan Daniel Ebanks: PADI open water diver, Dive Central Gili

I'm not the adventurous type. I avoid physical activity at all times and costs. My best friend however, is the complete opposite. He runs triathlons, rides a motorbike and relishes any thing that will make his muscles hurt. It makes him feel 'invigorated'.

So, my friend and I holidayed together for the first time a few weeks ago. Tripping round Bali and getting wasted. Then we visited Gili Trawangan, a gorgeous island about 2 hrs away from Bali for some more partying.


Queue arrival - dive shops galore. And it's also my friends 23rd birthday. And you guessed it, he wanted to go diving. There are many reasons why I did not want to dive. Here are a few of them:

  • Underwater with a limited supply of air.
  • Above water you can have unlimited air
  • Fish are weird and live in the ocean.
  • Have you ever seen finding nemo or jaws? SHARKS EAT EVERYTHING.

However, it being his birthday wish that I man the duck up and go diving with him, I as the admirable and truly loyal friend was (not so) happy to oblige.

After the extremely informative and slightly dull PADI videos and some training in the pool, we were ready for our first dive.


We enter the water backwards. I clamber to find the inflate button on my BCD. Throw my regulator away. Shout some expletives. Then, after being slapped with multiple waves in the face as if Mother Nature herself was telling me to get a grip we begin to descend.

It's a strange moment the face of the earth changes. In the words of Aladdin, a whole new world. The sun becomes a distant light. No longer are you restricted to a forward facing trajectory but instead have a whole range of movement only divers and astronauts can profess to have experienced.

The calm and the still of the water a far cry from how it seems on the surface. The underwater current slowly carrying you as if a feather in the wind. Under water creatures only ever been seen before lifeless on ice or through television screens. Underwater even air is transformed. As it escapes rising to the surface in a jelly fish style dance. After all my apprehension and all my fear I am now completely hooked and qualified as an PADI open water diver.

I guess, at some stage I will have to sincerely thank my best friend for introducing me to a whole new dimension. Actually, not quite ready to open that kettle of fish just yet.

Shaan completed his PADI open water at the beginning of March this year. Now he has continued travelling around South East Asia and plans to dive at more destinations during his trip. This could be you too! 

To find out more drop us an email or add us on facebook! Look forward to seeing you soon!