Why you should dive with a GIDA member on the Gilis

If you have ever been to Koh PhiPhi or Koh Toa, Thailand, you have probably had the pleasure of being badgered by the rather enthusiasitc diving instructors of the numerous dive shops trying to convince you to go diving with them. Gili Trawangan is a little gem in the fact that you don't get shouted at on your way to dinner! This is all thanks to GIDA. 

GIDA stands for Gili Island Divers Association. An association of professional and responsible dive centers on Gili Trawangan. A non profit organisation set up to ensure that all dive centers on Gili T follow a set of standards that ensure divers' safety and pleasure. Being a partner is a sign of a great dive center!

A proud partner of GIDA ourselves, Dive Central Gili strive for professionalism, and we ensure that we supply a high standard of equipment, instruction and guiding to every single diver who wanders through our door in seek of adventures beneath the surface of our stunningly turquoise waters. 

We, along with all other GIDA partners, offer a 5* service, endeavor to make your experience the best it can be in a fun, relaxed environment. 

Minimum prices are set through GIDA so most of the dive shops offer the exact same pricing structure, the same discount options and the same bundle packages. You know what that means? No pesky dive instructors standing on the main strip touting for business! Woo hoo! 

GIDA promotes safe diving practices, working together to keep standards high along with improving the environmental footprint of diving in the GIli's.

GIDA's goal is to maintain the high level of diving safety around the Gili Islands. All dive shops are welcome to join GIDA and benefit from a wealth of resources and experience. 

Mission Statement

The Gili Islands Dive Association (GIDA) is being created to adopt and promote the following goals:

1. Reinforcing the promotion of the Gili’s as a world-class marine tourism destination.
2. Setting high standards of service and safety amongst the marine tourism operators in the area.
3. Contribute to programs to reinforce safety such as, but not limited to training of Indonesian dive leaders.
4. Contribute to programs to reinforce the protection of the environment such as, but not limited to the placing of underwater reef structures, responsible waste management and support of the GET (Gili Eco-Trust).
5. Protect the underwater- and coastal environment by following the regulations as set forth by the GIDA through Appendix I and the law of Indonesia. The GIDA strives for environmentally-responsible and socially-acceptable common solutions to problems that affect not only the marine tourism sector, but also those which generally effect the health of the areas valuable marine ecosystems and thereby the local communities which also rely upon them for food and employment.
— GIDA docs

Here are a list of all of the dive shops who are partners of GIDA. It may be hard to decide who to div with as there are so many shops to choose from. Wherever you choose, be sure that they are part of GIDA. Your safety, relaxation and fun will be guaranteed!

Dive Central Gili                                Gili Divers
Blue Marlin Dive                                Mango Dive
Trawangan Dive                                Gangga Dive
Big Bubble Dive                                 Diversia
Lutwala Dive                                      Manta Dive
Bali Briezh (Villa Ombak)                  Aquaddiction
Buddha Dive                                      DSM


Obviously, being biased, we want you to come and dive with us at Dive Central Gili! New equipment, brand new boats, with a group of experienced instructors you are guaranteed to enjoy your time here.

When planning your scuba diving trip to the Gili islands do make sure that the dive centre you choose is part of GIDA. You can relax in the fact that you will be looked after by some lovely people and that you will be shown the most amazing things using the most up to date equipment. 

Check out our website for more information and also check out these links on our pictures for more information about the Gili Islands!