Gili T Transport - not like other holiday destinations!

Spending time on Gili Trawangan is always beautifully relaxing and is a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city, weather Bali or Lombok. Did you know that motorized vehicles are forbidden on Gili Trawangan? So how do we manage to get to and from our little paradise, and how do we get around once we've arrived? 

Many guests who have booked to stay with us do not realise that we are an extra journey away after you land in Lombok or Bali. This means that we have many guests turning up a day later than planned. From Lombok, this is not too much of a problem as we can get you a transfer sorted pretty much any time of day. Bali is sightly different. The fastboat is the only way of getting here (unless you want to jump on a plane again) and these leave the latest 2pm. If you have a flight that lands after 10am then you really need to spend one night in Bali and catch the boat the following morning. 

You can also fly from Bali to Lombok. This is cheap as chips and takes about 20 minutes. You still need a taxi ride and a speedboat to reach us though.

Getting from Bali to Gili Trawangan should take around 3 hours in total, depending on the weather conditions. The most common way to arrive is by using one of the fast boats. Fast boats run daily from Padang Bai or  Serangan Harbour which lies on the east coast of Bali. Most companies offer a free shuttle from your hotel, directly to the boat harbour, so depending on where you are staying, pick up times will vary, with most companies collecting passengers at 7am. Most companies offer 3 boats daily, one in the morning, one around lunch time and the last one in the early afternoon. If your stomach does not handle seas very well, picking a company that departs from Padang Bai is recommend, the car ride from your hotel will be a tad longer, but it will save you almost 40 minutes on the water. No matter what your budget, fast boat companies range from different standards and prizes.




Travel in style!
If you want a comfortable ride and you don't mind spending a bit more, Gili Getaway or Blue Water Express will do perfectly. Lying on the upper range price wise with very clean and comfortable boats, you will not be disappointed. Especially if you are traveling with children. They offer you water and cold, fresh towels on the boat - perfect after the car ride.  

Maybe you are the type of traveler that likes comfort but still like to save those few pennies. A middle ground for most customers' budgets, the middle priced companies are ideal for backpackers and holiday makers alike. The boats are a bit bigger, which means more people, which can be both a pro on con, depending on if you are interested in making new friends. You can also sit on the roof to kickstart you holiday tan. The two main boats in this price range are Marina Srikandi or Eka Jaya. Marina Srikandi now leave from Serangan, less hassle, less people and less time waiting! Both of them have offices based in Bali and on Gili T. 

On a shoestring?
Traveling as far as you can for as little as you can and not really interested in spending money on an expensive boat. The budget option is usually Wahana, and they leave from Padang Bai. Wahana tend to have just two boats, leaving at different times depending whether you are on Gili or in Bali. It is a good way of just getting where you need to be, but it sometimes requires patience, since it is not always on time.

All of these boats can be booked through Gili Easy Transfers at


Lombok Island is much closer than Bali, with a speedboat taking just 15 minutes from Teluk Nara harbor or Bangsal harbor. From Pesona we offer speedboat pick up and drop of to any of the three Gili Islands plus Lombok. The price varies depending on the size of the group, so for more information you can contact us at or

A cheaper option, and one chosen by most travelers, is the public boat. This runs like a ferry service, with boats leaving from 7:30am up until 4:40pm. The boat leaves when it's full and it takes around 40 minutes. Aswell as ferrying people, the boats also tend to bring over supplies for the islands many businesses. You might be sharing a seat with some cement, vegetables, wood and sometimes even a horse or two! Quite the adventure, eh?

Getting around the Island
All of the boats drop passengers at the main harbor, on the east coast of Gili Trawangan, right in the middle of the main strip. From there, there are many hotels and home stays within walking distance, especially if you are staying along the east coast. If you are staying on the sunset side, (west coast) it might be a good idea to hitch a ride, especially if you have luggage with you. Since there are no motorized vehicles the best option for transport is to go by horse cart, also known as cidomos. The drivers now have a set price to avoid haggling and also over charging. A journey will cost you either Rp75,000 or Rp150,000 depending on where you are going and how far it is. Without luggage, it is also rather pleasant to take a stroll. The island is quite small, 2km wide and 3km long, taking around 2 and half hours to walk around the entire perimeter. 

The main strip ranges from Surfer Bar in the south, (where the full moon parties are held) up towards the North, near Bali Sampan resort and restaurant. Walking the main strip takes around 20 minutes. If you are thinking about venturing a little further, you can hire a bicycle for around Rp50.000 per day. If you would like to get a bike that is easier to ride on the sand, grab a fatboy bike, they have huge tyres and are a little more stable, (Rp100.000 for the day)  The main strip is asphalt and brick, but north side is still only sand. 


Dive Central Gili and Pesona Resort lies just south of the harbor, a short 5 minute walk, very accessible from most parts of the Island. We can also help you manage your transfer booking if you are unsure what to choose. Best of luck in finding the perfect way of getting here and back, plus getting around the island. Get in touch for more information!