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7 "must buy" Christmas presents - how to score friendship points with you diver mate!

It's coming to that magical time of the year - the time for celebration! But Christmas can be stressful, especially when your fantasy is not cooperating as you want it to. So we thought we'd help you out and give you a few tips on what we want So here it goes - 7 great gifts to give to your Scuba Diver friend. Enjoy!

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Gili T Transport - not like other holiday destinations!

Getting to and from Gili can sometimes be tricky, not knowing which company to choose. In this week's blog we give you the low down on how to get to us and how to explore the island once you arrive at our paradise. 

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Top 11 places to eat on Gili Trawangan

Where to dive, what to eat. The two main questions that will arise during your trip to Gili Trawangan. Fear not travelers, Dive Central Gili have whittled it down to just 11 eateries which we recommend you visit during your time here. Dive by day, dine by night. Selamat Makan!

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