7 "must buy" Christmas presents - how to score friendship points with you diver mate!

Having a friend that has a passion for scuba diving will make your life a lot easier when it comes to buying Christmas presents. Most divers are easy going and even a little gift can make a huge difference for them, especially if the present is something they actually needed! So with Christmas approaching within the next two weeks, we thought we'd give you a hand and list 7 gifts that any scuba diver will appreciate! 

1. A well fitted dive mask
Most divers has had problems with their mask at some point, either leaking during the dive or pushing in a wrong place, causing discomfort. So why not treat your loved one by bringing them to your local dive shop and together find a mask that is properly fitted for THEIR face. The best idea is to get professional help to make sure your investment is well placed. The price for a mask can vary from anything between $20 to $200, but the rule of "more expensive, better mask" doesn't necessarily apply because it has so much to do with fit and comfort rather than budget. But with that said, a more expensive mask usually comes with more features like adjustable straps and softer silicon.  The final decision to be made is: clear or black mask? This is impossible for you as a friend to choose because all divers has got their own preference, with little to no room for change. So better to bring your friend -  and do some shopping!

2. A customized wet suit
We all know how important a good fitted wetsuit is for exposure protection and keeping warmth. With that said, moat divers also know the feeling about wearing a wetsuit that doesn't fit you well. So why not treat your loved one to a customized wetsuit that fits like a glove? On top of that they can choose any funky colour that look even more impressive under water! Depending on which climate your diver friend usually takes the plunge in, the thickness and length of the wetsuit should be taken in to consideration. 

3. Fish identification books
Imagine diving an awesome dive site (like Shark Point) and finding all these beautiful marine animals, from the little to the big. Coming up after the dive of course you want to see what all of these fish was. The cool thing about most fish books is that they usually don't only give you a photo and a name, but also information about how they live, mate and feed. It usually also specifies where in the world you can go diving to see specific fish and other creatures, so if there is anything your diver friend really want to see, you can help them plan their next dive vacation. 

4. Dry bags
No matter if a dive trip is planned to be executed in the middle of rainy season or it will be bright blue skies - a dry bag is always useful for any diver. Not only does it help with keeping valuables safe from water, they are usually a great size bag for bringing diving spare part such as mask defog and O-rings. Dry bags generally come in different sizes, colours and shapes so there any many options in finding a bad that will fit your friend and their need!

5. Red filter for an underwater camera
Basic dive physics tell us that red is the first colour to dissapear as you're submerging yourself in to the ocean. This is why loads of divers comes up after a great dive where they've taken loads of photos - but to their disappointment, the photos are just....blue. No need for panic, a simple red filter that attaches on the outside of the camera helps in bringing back those lost colours, so your friend can get some great memories from their dive vacation. The price for a red filter varies a lot, depending if you want to buy one from a recognized brand like GoPro they cost around $60-80, or if you're not so bothered with that you can easily find cheaper options. For example we sell our red filters for 250.000 IDR, which is about $15-17. 

6. Spare fin straps
There is nothing worse than sitting on the boat, all geared up, and ready for the 3-2-1 Go, and suddenly your fin strap breaks. Something so small can completely ruin your dive, or even worse - forcing you to stay on the boat while the rest of the group goes under. So don't let your loved one get left out because of something so stupid as a rubber strap - buy them spare ones! It might seem like such a insignificant present, but trust me - the day that strap breaks your friend will be eternally grateful for your gift. 

7.  A PADI Course
The great thing about diving is that no matter how many dives you have or how many courses you've taken - there is always new things to learn. The branches of the "dive-tree" goes in all different directions - no matter if your friend likes photography, deep diving, tech diving or wrecks - there is a course for it. So instead of buying something for your diver friend that might just end up on a shelf or in the attic, why not give them a great experience and the opportunity to learn something new! Depending on which course you think your friend might want to take, the duration, price and how many dives are included varies. The best idea to find the most suitable for their vacation is to consult with your local dive center.