Come diving with us on Halik Reef!

Halik (also known as Coral Fan Garden) is a 1 km long dive site, situated on the most northen tip of Gili Trawangan, running down the west coast. With extraordinary topography, ranging from a shallow sandy bottom filled with small bommies, followed by a 3 m drop covered with coral and a huge variety of fish including turtles, clownfish and baby sharks.

Following down the slope from 12-22 meters, we look around for octopus, scorpion fish as well as massive groupers resting on the reef. At the end of the slope we can find the beginning of Deep Halik.

Deep Halik is basically like a 'forest' of coral covered ridges, running along side the coastal line of Gili Trawangan. Crossing deeper out on the ridges and stopping at 30 meters, we see one ridge after the other disappearing in to the blue, giving us the sense of wonder: "how far out do the ridges continue?".  Not only are we passing over a field of bluespotted stingrays, we encounter the white and blacktip reef sharks hunting around in the deep, as well as schooling fusiliers and Giant Trevallys. 

The soft coral are all slightly bent towards west, getting its peculiar shape due to the strong currents flowing through the Lombok- Bali Strait. The current allows us to effortlessly cruise along this dive site, covering the upper corner of Gili Trawangan. 


We finish the dive on the shallow reef between Halik and Shark Point, making our safety stop surrounded by Hawksbill Turtles, Yellow Striped Snappers and Red Tooth Triggerfish.

Because of Haliks amazing topography, any diver regardless of experience or certification level can enjoy this dive site and get to see loads of different marine animals and beautiful well preserved reef. 

Recomended Depth: 12-30m
Dive time: Aprox. 45-60 min
Avergage Current: Small - Medium
Avergage visibility - 15 - 25m