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Me Vs Sidemount - why I keep taking courses (as an Instructor)

Me vs Sidemount. Read about Richas first experience diving with equipment thats basically as heavy and big as she is. Nothing can stop us, as long as the passion for learning is there - we can go further!

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Going pro? What to think about before signing up!

Are you thinking about signing up for your divemaster course? In this blog we have a look at what you should consider,what you can expect, and how you can prepare in order the get the most out of your experience. Warning: You will want to become a PADI divemaster after reading this blog!

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decompression sickness - what's the deal?

A lot of our customers ask about the hazards of diving. Like any other sport there are some risks, however as long as you know your limits and dive safely, the risks are minimal. In this weeks blog we are talking about Decompression sickness, what it is and how we can prevent it. 

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