Brand new dive site - The Glen Nusa!


A very excited bunch of divers located on Gili Trawangan have all been patiently awaiting the arrival of a brand new ship wreck, the Glen Nusa. The wait is over and the tug boat known as the Glen Nusa is now our newest dive site around the Gili islands. 

glen nusa1.jpg

The Glen Nusa is a 22m long tug boat, it is 7m wide and has numerous holes for penetrating. It was towed over from Bali on 23rd February 2016. It was a slow but sure process that was the finale to a good few months of planning. Our very own eco-warrior Delphine Robb made all of the arrangements with the help of the Gili Island Diving Association and the Gili Eco Trust. 

After all being alerted by email that morning, dive shops across the East coast of Trawangan excitedly watched as the tug was taken through the channel between Meno and Trawangan on it's final voyage before being turned into a new home for our local aquatic life. After passing by the dive shops on this side of the island, eager participants rushed to grab kit and tanks and headed North to the planned sink site to lend a hand. 


Volunteers were keen to be a part of the sinking with teams from Trawangan Dive, Manta Dive, Aquadiction, Diversia and Dive Central Gili showing up to help out. After a bit of time bashing holes in the hull of the tug, the sinking was pretty quick, causing sand to spread out over surrounding coral areas. This will settle over time and the wreck will look more integrated with it's surroundings, especially when hard and soft corals begin to grow on the structure.  Delphiine and the Gili Eco Trust are hoping to connect the wreck to a power source. This will make it into a Bio Rock, meaning that corals are more likely to grow there, healthily and quickly. Plans are being put into to place to make this happen so fingers crossed there will be lots of life on and around the wreck very soon!


Just in between Shark Point and Halik, right next to a popular place known as the "sweet spot" by divers, the wreck sits awaiting visitors. At 28m to the bottom and 22m at the top, the Glenn Nusa is perfect for Adventure Deep dives and wreck specialties. Divers are being urged to bring along coconut leaves on their visits to the new site as this tends to attract fish. 

So come and join us to check out this brand new dive site. PADI open water students can take the PADI adventure deep, meaning you get to see the wreck, knock a dive off of your PADI advanced course AND get to 30m! Pretty cool eh?!



The Gili Eco Trust and Gili Island Divers Association sunk a new wreck on Gili Trawangan, Lombok on 23/02/2016. Footage taken by Alex Brown